At some point during last night’s TBS broadcast of the Twins-Yankees battle at Yankee stadium, it was brought up that not only were the Twins 0-5 at Yankee stadium this season, but in each and every game they actually led at some point but still ended up losing.

That was the case again Friday night, as the Twins held 1-0 leads and 3-1 leads before losing 4-3 in the 11th inning off a solo home run by Mark Teixeira.  It was the first walk-off home run in the postseason for Tex, and only the 11th in the storied history of the NY Yankees.

At the end of the ninth inning last night, I get a text from my sister, obviously also a Third Generation Yankee fan.  “I predicted that last inning.”  Followed by a second: “Seriously like Nostradamus here.”  Then my wife (only a second generation Yankee fan) chimes in “I knew they would come back.”

It has gotten to the point with these Yankees that no small lead is safe.  I have lost track of the amount of comebacks they have created, let alone the number of 9th inning and extra inning walk-0ff wins.  I think this is truly the mark of a championship team.

We have a day off today; so no Yankee game on TV.  Sunday’s game, Game 3, in Minnesota is scheduled to begin at 7:07pm.