Girardi announced yesterday that the team is considering going to a 3-man rotation for the ALCS. Here’s the info, courtesy of LoHud:

Joe Girardi just did a conference call with the beat writers and said that while the team won’t have its roster/scouting meeting until tomorrow morning, “We are definitely considering going to a three-man rotation in this round.”

Girardi pointed to the lighter workload that CC Sabathia faced in September, as well as the longer layoff he’s getting now since the Yankees swept the first round. Girardi said that the team would like to have plan in place for the rotation going into the series, as opposed to just waiting to see where the team stands when Game 4 rolls around. Remember, too, that because of off-days Sabathia could pitch Games 1, 4 and 7 and only have to pitch on short rest once instead of twice.

I think it’s the correct decision to do because of the depth the Yankees have. They will have Chad Gaudin, Joba Chamberlain, and Al Aceves all ready to go extra innings if necessary. The bullpen is the best in the playoffs and everyone on the 40-man roster will need to step up.