In my mind, that is one of the biggest issues facing both teams in the upcoming American League Championship Series.  Fortunately, neither team will have an advantage -its going to suck for both.

The weather forecasts are atrocious.  Friday high’s in the Bronx are forecast for 43, with lows of 38 and a 90% chance of rain- this will probably be the type of cold rain that makes your bones ache.  Saturday isn’t looking much better – high’s of 47, lows of 41 with a 70% chance of rain.  Plus, it continues into Sunday – highs of 50, lows of 41 with a 80% chance of rain.

Isn’t it the middle of October?  Wasn’t it just 75 degrees like 10 days ago?  This is December weather.

I can’t help but assume that this is going to wreak havoc on the ALCS schedule.  There is a good chance that at least one game gets rained out – pushing game 2 back to Sunday.  If game 1 is rained out on Friday, Saturday becomes game 1 and Sunday becomes game 2.

Enter havoc – Fox is broadcasting the ALCS and Sunday is scheduled to be a day off since Fox broadcasts football.  With the 5-0 Giants playing the 5-0 Saints at 1pm, there is no way that Fox will shift the game to FX and play it in the afternoon – meaning a Sunday night game is ideal.  BUT, the Monday game is scheduled for 1pm Pacific time (4pm eastern) meaning a Sunday night game would be very horrible for the players. AND, that would mean the ALCS game would battle with the NLCS game, which is broadcast on TBS, for ratings – which MLB won’t like.

I’ll say one thing – I am happy to not have to be one of the guys who has to decide whether or not to play the games, and/or when to reschedule them for.  All I know is, it will make baseball life interesting…