It’s in the hands of AJ Burnett.  Or, more directly, all in his right-hand.  First-year Yankee, Burnett, will take the mound Thursday night for his third start of this postseason.  Burnett seems ready, saying that this was the reason he came to New York this offseason.

“This is why I signed,” Burnett said before yesterday’s off-day workout. “The opportunity to pitch in the postseason, you know. …The first year over here I have an opportunity, so I’m taking full advantage of it. I cannot wait.”

Burnett has been shaky in his first regular season as a Yankee, but seems to have done well in recent weeks and the Yankees have won both games he started this postseason.  I was live at Saturday’s game, and there were times when Burnett looked brilliant and times he looked like a chump.  He would throw amazing strikes, and two pitches later, he would throw two wild pitches in a row.

Still his ERA is low this postseason and the Yankees won both games – but with the Yankees facing off against the tough John Lackey of the Angels, they will need Burnett to keep the score low to stay in it.

I won’t mind too much if the Yankees lose – we have the dominate Andy Pettitte on the mound if necessary for Game 6, and it would be in the Bronx.  I always like it better when the Yankees get to celebrate at home.  That being said, I want them to win.  It’s just easier that way.