Wow what a postseason.

The Yankees won their 40th American League Pennant last night around 12:05 am.  In a game they never trailed in, the Yankees looked like the dominating team they were in the second 2/3 of the regular season in disposing of the Los Angeles Angels 5-2 in the Bronx.

Andy Pettitte looked every bit like the experienced post-season pitcher he is – allowing only 1 run on 6 1/3 innings pitched.  You know, I said in the offseason that we did not need Pettitte if he refused to sign for a smaller contract.  I thought Phil Hughes would do well enough to get the Yankees to the postseason.  I still feel that I was correct in that assessment.  However, I did miss one thing – how strong and confident Andy Pettitte would be for the Yankees in the postseason.

In a time where many pitchers and hitters crack under the pressure of the postseason, Pettitte has always been one of the most consistent, leading to the domination he has had on the mound in the last 14 years.

The new Yankee stadium will host a World Series in its inaugural season – a feat I would assume has not been done many times before – if at all.  The Yankees will have home field advantage – courtesy of the American League victory in the All-Star game earlier this season.