Although still unsure if he will retire or return to baseball one more season, Andy Pettitte filed for free agency Thursday.  It’s safe to think that if he does choose to return, it will most likely be with the Yankees – but, you never know for sure.  Pettitte was 14-8 in 32 games with a 4.16 ERA.  This followed a year in which he was 14-14 in 33 games with a 4.54 ERA.

Although I’d love to see him come back, one has to wonder how Pettitte will return in 2010.  The 2009 version wasn’t exactly night-and-day better than the 2008 version.  After a fairly average 2008, the Yankees refused to give him an offer in the 8 digits, instead offering him a $5 Million base salary with opportunities for incentives to bring it up into the 8 digit range.

Pettitte rose to the occasion and captured almost all of his potential salary and he was dominant on the mound in the postseason, becoming the pitcher with the most career wins in the postseason with his 16th win during the playoffs this season.

I would assume his leadership is great to have around the clubhouse and he has a lot to bring to the Yankees, even at 37.  I for one, support bringing him back.