With the fun of hosting our first Thanksgiving at our new home, I have been unable to get online and sink myself into the Yankee Universe until now.  There are two stories I want to throw my two cents in on.

Bob Sheppard will not return

First, long time Yankees announcer Bob Sheppard told Bryan Hoch of MLB.com that he has “no plans of coming back.”  Sheppard was the voice of the Yankees at Yankee Stadium for the better part of 6 decades, announcing such stars as Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Reggie Jackson, Don Mattingly and Derek Jeter.

I am sad to hear this – Mr Sheppard was the voice I heard from my first Yankee game through most of my life and I know that many will miss him.  He has not announced a game since late 2007 due to illness, and the 99 year-old deserves his retirement.

Before this, Sheppard had always said he intended to return as the Yankees announcer when he overcame his illness.  Paul Olden took over for Sheppard this year and has been doing well filling those big shoes.  Sheppard’s voice can still be heard at Yankee Stadium every game – Derek Jeter uses a recording of Sheppard’s voice when he comes to the plate.

Roy Halladay talk heats up

The rumor mill is cranking about Roy Halladay and what appears to be an inevitable trade from the Blue Jays.  Will he go to the Yankees?  Will he go to the Red Sox?  Jon Heyman reports that the Jays are interested in Yankees top prospect Jesus Montero and possibly a pitcher like Phil Hughes or Joba Chamberlain.

I’m torn on this.  On the one hand, Halladay is a combined 37-21 with a 2.79 ERA in his last two seasons with a sub-par Toronto squad.  He was the most dominating pitcher for the first half of the 2009 season, so he does have what it takes to be a good pitcher.

But to give up a great prospect like Jesus Montero and a solid young pitcher like Hughes or Joba, is just a little silly.  Halladay is 32 years-old, and will want a 4-5 year contract at max money.  He has thrown over 220 innings each of the last 4 seasons and I am concerned he might break down at the end of a long contract.  With 32 year-old AJ Burnett already on the roster for the next 4 years, I don’t want to turn the rotation into what might end up looking like an old folks home.