Chris’ previous post must have been written in the early morning.  By evening, most of the local news stations here in New York, as well as are reporting that a deal is very close to being done.  This would be the first major trade conducted at baseball’s Winter Meetings.

The deal has apparently morphed into a three-team deal amongst the Yankees, Detroit Tigers and Arizona Diamondbacks.  The Yankees would receive Granderson, and would have to give up Ian Kennedy, Phil Coke and their best outfield prospect of their farm system.

Arizona would get Tiger’s pitcher Edwin Jackson and starting pitcher Kennedy from the Yankees.  The Tigers would receive left-handed reliever Coke and Jackson from the Yankees as well as Max Scherzer and Daniel Schlereth from the Diamondbacks.

He does bring a great defense to center field, but I’m still not sold on Granderson.  He has struggled against left-handed pitchers, strikes out a lot and has an atrocious .249 BA last season.  I don’t know a ton about Jackson, but he has been ranked among the top ten prospects in the outfield as well as one of the top in the Yankees farm system.  If they are willing to give him up, the Yankee brass must know something we don’t.

This can also mean one of two serious things for the Yankee outfield.  Either it means the Yankees have, or will have, no intention of re-signing Johnny Damon to man left-field,  OR, the Yankees still plan on signing Damon, but have no more use for Melky Cabrera and/or Brett Gardner in center.

Either way, for this story to get this much news, it must be getting serious.