I’ll admit I’m a little sad about this piece of news.  Slugger Hideki Matsui ended a 7 year period with the Yankees on Monday by officially signing a $6.5 Million deal with the LA Angels.  Matsui apparently chose not to wait and see what the Yanks would be willing to offer, instead jumping on a one year deal with the Yankees 2009 ALCS rivals.

Matsui is a career .292 hitter who had 597 RBI for the Yankees in his seven years.  He was the Yankees everyday left fielder for the better part of 5 seasons.  Although I understand not offering Matsui a ton of cash to stay, but to let him leave completely is a little disheartening.

It does not appear that the Yankees have made any effort to retain Matsui nor have they released a statement about Matsui leaving and I think that I am the most disappointed about.  Matsui was an extremely good player of the Yankees for the better part of 7 seasons and it all culminated in World Series MVP honors this past November.  I realize that Matsui must not have fit into the Yankees 2010 plans – but he still deserved a “thank you” style press release.