In other stories, the sky is blue. There’s snow on the ground. The Redskins suck.

MLB announced on Monday that the Yankees were the only team to be levied a tax on its payroll in 2009. The team must pay its $25.69 million to the Commissioner’s Office by Jan. 31.

This marks the seventh straight year that the Yanks have had to pay the tax, and of the $190 million in luxury tax payments collected by baseball, $174 million of that has come from the Yanks.

Does that look like to you that the system isn’t working? Other teams on the lower end of the spectrum (aka Kansas City Royals, Pittsburgh Pirates, Tampa Bay Rays) have not been using the tax to improve their own teams.

I was talking with Trevor when I shared this news — he said he heard somewhere (he thinks from Scott Boras) that the teams on the bottom should also pay a tax, that would help created more fairness in regards to payroll.