I blogged about this more than 18 months ago…May 6 of 2008 to be exact.

And it was reported on CNN:

A New Hampshire jury on Monday found a Nashua woman guilty of second-degree murder for running over a man who had heckled her for being a New York Yankees fan.Ivonne Hernandez, 45, was accused in the May 2008 killing of 29-year-old Matthew Beaudoin.

Prosecutors said the confrontation began as a dispute between Hernandez and a female friend of Beaudoin’s outside a bar. It escalated when Beaudoin noticed a large Yankees decal in the rear window of Hernandez’s Dodge Intrepid and started to taunt her about the major league baseball team.

When Hernandez started to drive away, Beaudoin briefly followed the car on foot. Hernandez then turned her car around and returned to the alley where Beaudoin and his friends remained and struck him. He later died from his injuries, which included multiple skull fractures.

Her defense? She was disoriented after the confrontation and she panicked and hit Beaudoin.  That’s got to be the second-lamest excuse I’ve ever heard for doing this.

I said in my original post that Hernandez should be banned for life from going to Yankee Stadium, even banned from wearing anything navy blue. I speculated she would probably get prison time, and I might be right.

I do not condone any acts of violence between Red Sox and Yankee fans. I am ok with good-natured ribbing. That’s part of the game. Violence is going over the line. Period.