For awhile there, I still thought Johnny Damon could end up with the Yankees.  Now, it does not look like that is even remotely possible.

Like another Scott Boras client did in 2008-09 off-season, I think Damon (and Boras) have overestimated the market for Damon and how much $$ he would be offered.  I’ll tell you one thing – he isn’t going to get the $13 Million yearly on a multi-year deal that he was hoping for.  ESPN’s Andrew Marchand has already reported that there is zero chance Damon returns.  He says the Yankees have already spent the money they had planned for Damon initially.

Several Yankee officials have said they planned to cut payroll and with payroll already approaching $205 Million compared to last season’s $211 Million, there is not much room to keep payroll below last year’s numbers.

It’s sad to see Damon go – I thought he was a great Yankee, but like Boras did with Alex Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez, it seems he has overestimated the market for one of his star players and ends up costing them millions waiting for “better deals.”

I wonder if this means Boras’ days as a super-agent maybe coming to an end.  Other baseball players must be noticing this trend.