ESPN is reporting that Alex Rodriguez will meet with federal investigators in the near future regarding disgraced doctor Tony Galea, to whom Rodriguez apparently has ties to.  A-Rod has been contacted by the government investigators and has announced he plans to cooperate.

Again, as I stated earlier today, there is probably nothing in this about A-Rod specifically – meaning he shouldn’t get into any trouble.  It appears that he never met Galea directly and only has ties to him through another man.

Rodriguez would be the second MLB player to meet with federal investigators regarding Galea.  NY Mets shortstop Jose Reyes met with the FBI last week.

“They just asked me basically how I met the guy and stuff like that and what he put in my body,” Reyes said to the AP. “I explained to them what he [was] doing. … I don’t worry about anything because I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Galea is known for a controversial, but not illegal or rule-breaking, technique where blood is removed from the body, spun in a centrifuge, and then reinserted to help healing.  This blood spinning technique is designed to speed recovery from injuries.

UPDATE 4:55 pm : Statement from NY Yankees (via Lohud Yankees Blog)

“The New York Yankees have not been contacted with regard to an investigation of Dr. Tony Galea. The Yankees never authorized Dr. Tony Galea to treat Alex Rodriguez, nor do we have any knowledge of any such treatment. The Yankees authorized Dr. Marc Philippon to operate on Alex and oversee his rehabilitation. At the request of Dr. Philippon, we also authorized Dr. Mark Lindsay to supervise the daily rehabilitation program established by Dr. Philippon. We will continue to monitor the situation.”