The Daily News has linked slugger Alex Rodriguez to a sketchy Canadian doctor named Tony Galea who has been accused of illegally bringing HGH and other drugs into the US from Canada.  At this time,I think it is important to point out that Rodriguez only appears to be linked to this guy through Mark Lindsay, a chiropractor who is associated with Galea and assisted A-Rod with his hip rehabilitation last season.

I don’t really read too much into this.  Lindsay was also linked to the BALCO shenanigans in the past and I sincerely doubt the Yankees would have allowed Rodriguez to associate with this guy if he was still shady – plus there does not seem to be any evidence that A-Rod even met or associated with Galea himself.  It’s still too early to say exactly what might come of this, but I think it’s just the Daily News getting on A-Rod and being an admitted steroid user in the past doesn’t really help.

Galea does seem to have a serious connection with Tiger Woods – having visited him several times during his 2008 knee rehab.

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