Today, released their all-decade New York Yankees team, position by position. Some of the picks are self-explanatory and don’t need any discussion, with Jorge Posada at C, Derek Jeter at SS, and Mariano Rivera as the closer. The other picks are:

  • 1B- Jason Giambi
  • 2B- Robinson Cano
  • 3B- Alex Rodriguez
  • OF- Johnny Damon
  • OF- Bernie Williams
  • OF- Hideki Matsui
  • DH- David Justice
  • SP- Mike Mussina
  • SP- Andy Pettitte
  • SP- Chien-Ming Wang
  • SP- Roger Clemens
  • SP- CC Sabathia
  • SU- Joba Chamberlain
  • MGR- Joe Torre

What do you think? I’m definitely iffy on three things: Giambi, Sabathia, and Chamberlain. I’d have gone with Tino Martinez at 1B, and probably consider someone like Randy Johnson or David Wells (but will eventually go back to Sabathia) and would consider Tom Gordon for set-up man. However, his 2004 implosion would be a disadvantage. Chamberlain was incredible only in 2007, so that doesn’t sell the set-up position for me.

The discussion can be found on this link: Tough calls mark Yank’s team of decade.