The Associated Press and the New York Times reported Tuesday that Alex Rodriguez will finally meet with federal investigators who are looking into a Dr. Anthony Galea who allegedly may have supplied HGH and other illegal drugs to athletes.  Sources indicated to both that Rodriguez will meet with investigators on Friday in Buffalo, NY.

Rodriguez has ties to Galea because the doctor assisted him with his rehabilitation last season from hip surgery.  During a March 8 interview with the AP, Galea said that he has only prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs to Rodriguez in the past.

Mets shortstop Jose Reyes said earlier this month that he also met with federal investigators regarding Galea.

As I said earlier this month, this is nothing serious and should not come back bad on A-Rod in any way.  For A-Rod to be associated with this doctor after his hip surgery, we can only assume that the Yankees approved this association and we can only assume they looked into the guy beforehand.  It is, however, unfortunate that A-Rod has to deal with this distraction by taking a day to fly from Tampa to Buffalo.

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