ESPN released their weekly MLB Power rankings today and there were several changes in the top 10 this week, most notably the Yankees losing their grip on the number one spot.  After a week which saw the Tampa Bay Rays go 5-2 and improve their record to an MLB-best 14-5 compared to the Yankees 3-3 record during the week.

Tampa Bay is looking stronger as this short season progresses with a ridiculous, I repeat, ridiculous run differential of +50.  All this without major starting pitching and without a dominating closer.

The Yankees have struggled to hold leads over the last week and suffered a bad outing from struggling starting pitcher Javy Vasquez.  Nonetheless, they are still winners of 7 of their last 10 and face the 3-16 Baltimore Orioles and 8-11 Chicago White Sox in their next 9 games.

Finishing off the top ten are Minnesota and Philadelphia at 3 and 4 after swapping spots last week, St Louis at 5, Oakland moved up to 6 from the 9 spot, San Diego jumped from 21 to 7, San Francisco, Florida and Los Angeles Angels round off the top ten.

You can check it out at ESPN by clicking here.