Mariano Rivera’s major league record streak of 51 consecutive saves at home was broken today when the Minnesota Twins came back from a 3-1 deficit to win 6-3.  The Twins prevented being swept for the fourth series in a row by the Yankees dating back to last season when they rallied against Mo and the Yankees in the top of the eighth inning.

Rivera inherited a bases loaded situation from Joba Chamberlain and it never looked good for Rivera.  He walked his first batter, Jim Thome, allowing a run to score and the lead drop to 3-2.  A few pitches later, Jason Kubel hits a grand slam for the Twins.  Oh, yeah…the same Kubel who is hitting .225.

The last time Rivera blew a save at home was back in August of 2007.  The only other time he allowed a grand slam as a reliever was back in 2002 and the last time he walked someone with bases loaded was in 2005.

We’ve been spoiled as Yankee fans with Mariano Rivera closing games.  He is the epitome of a complete player and a heck of a great pitcher, undoubtedly the best relief pitcher ever.  I think Jorge Posada said it perfectly when he said there wouldn’t be 5 championships without Mo.