My in-laws were in town visiting this week, so the wife and I took them down to the Bronx for their first visit to the new Yankee Stadium.  We elected to take the Metro-North train down for the convenience, and as always, the train was packed, but easy and on-time, making the trip very smooth.  This time we skipped the trip to Stan’s for some beers before the game – we didn’t think the in-laws would enjoy the packed-like-sardines bar.

It was Military Appreciation Day at the stadium, so we hustled into the stadium for the show.  The Army Golden Knight Parachute team parachuted into the stadium in quite a grand fashion  Here are some pictures:

We had left home in pouring rain with hopes that the forecast of no rain for the Bronx would hold true.  Fortunately, it did.  We were able to make it through the entire game and the trip home with no rain.

The game was electric.  It featured two home runs by Derek Jeter and an extremely exciting grand slam by Jorge Posada.  Despite having attended over 25 Yankee games in my life (more than the average fan, less than the average blogger) I have never witnessed a Yankee grand slam live.

The game was also abnormally quick for Yankee games – a mere 2 hours 36 minutes.  We were on the train on our way back home by 4:10.  Usually we are still in the 8th or 9th inning at that time.  Overall, the game was a great time.

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