Born and raised right down the street from the famous Woodstock (the town, not the concert site), brothers Chris and Trevor Kaftan are descendants of Yankee blood.  An immigrant from Ireland, our grandfather fell in love with the Yankees while living in the Bronx in the 1930s. His only claim to fame was sitting at home listening to the exploits of Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra.

Our mother was born in May of 1950 — do the math and you’ll see what happened nine months earlier. She carried on her Yankee-lovin’ genes on to us.

There it is: the Third Generation.

Chris currently lives in Maryland, working by day as the Director of Curriculum & Instruction for a private residential school. Chris has instilled the Yankee Way into his seven-year-old daughter. She loves Jeter and blue cotton candy at the Stadium.

Trevor still resides in New York, an hour north of the Stadium and goes to Yankee games as often as he can. Newly married to Annie, Trevor is a sales manager by day and Yankee blogger by night.

At Generation Third, we are about more then simply writing about the best team in professional sports.  We like to celebrate the highs and lows of everything Yankees related.  We put our opinions into nearly post we write and encourage people to leave comments on what we say and report on.

Welcome to Generation Third!