This page is designed to be a baseball terms translator.  It is still a work in progress but we hope to make this a page that the casual fan can use to understand baseball jargon, but more importantly understand what all the different abbreviations in baseball actually stand for.

If you have any suggestions, let me know.   – Trevor

AB – At Bat; AVG – Average(batting); AL – American League;

BA – Batting Average; BB – Base-on Balls (walks);

C – Catcher; CF – Center Field(er);

ER – Earned Runs; ERA – Earned Runs Average (per 9 innings);

GP – Games Played In; GS – Games Started(pitcher);

H – Hit; HR – Home Run;

IP – Innings Pitched;

K – Abbreviation for Strikeout;

LF – Left Field(er), L – Loss(es) by pitcher;

MLB – Major League Baseball; MLBPA – Major League Baseball Players Union;

NL – National League;

OBP – On Base Percentage; OF – Outfielder; OPS – On-base % + slugging %;

P – Pitcher;

RBI – Runs Batted In; RF – Right Field(er); RISP – Runners in Scoring Position; R or RS– Run(s) scored; Rubber Game – Last game in a 3-game series when the two opponents have each won a game already in the series

SB – Stolen Bases; SO – Strikeout; SS – Shortstop; SLG – Slugging Percentage; S or SV– Save(s) by pitcher;

TB – Total Bases;

W – Win(s) by pitcher;

1B – Single or First Baseman;

2B – Double or Second Baseman;

3B – Triple or Third Baseman;