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We all knew when the Yankees signed Jorge Posada to his final three-year deal before the 2008 season that they might have been angling for something else. The career-Yankee has had an outstanding career for the Bronx Bombers, and was given a huge standing ovation during his last regular-season game at Yankee stadium.

Today, the Yankees announced they have come to terms with former Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer for a record 6-year, $192 million contract.  Including a $25 Million signing bonus, the Yankees will pay Mauer an average of $32 Million a year for the next 6 years to bring the catcher to the Bronx.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to play for the Yankees,” Mauer said to the media.  “I’m excited to be part of such a winning tradition.”

Coming off back-to-back World Series wins in 2009 and 2010, the Yankees addition of Mauer makes them even more formidable as opponents.  With Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez and Mauer in the same lineup, the Yankees might have one of the best offensive teams of all time.


Alright….obviously this is just a hope of mine.  But you gotta figure the timing works out impeccably.  The Yankees are not committed to Jorge past next season.  Despite his obvious ability to still hit the ball, he is becoming more and more ineffective behind the plate.

With no prospect coming close to the abilities of Mauer, he will most likely be a Yankee in 2011 – they’ll pay him so much, he won’t be able to refuse.  Despite missing the first month or so of the season, Mauer is hitting .378 with 25 HR and 77 RBI.  If the crappy guys on the Twins lineup in front of him could actually get on base, he might have over 100 RBI right now.

At least for now, I can still dream, can’t I?


The Yankees are in a slump. Seriously.

They’re 4-8 their last 12 games and something needs to give.

1) The Yankees need to let Brett Tomko go. They already have good bullpen guys in Robertson, Coke, Rivera, Bruney, Aceves, and they could easily use Hughes. Why Tomko? In fact, use Hughes more if you’re going to keep him in the bullpen. While we’re at that, Robertson has 23 strikeouts in 14.2 innings. That’s incredible. Use him more!

2) Release Angel Berroa. Seriously. No one wants this player who once played against Bob Feller. He’s not helping us any. I’d prefer Ramiro Pena. Xaiver Nady and Cody Ransom will be back soon. We don’t need Berroa.

3) Let Gardner play more. He’s 15 of his last 43 and has his batting average up to .284 with a .358 OBP. Melky Cabrera is 12 of 62 since his shoulder injury in Texas. He is down to .282 with a .340 OBP. At this rate, we need his speed. I still love how he stole two straight bases against the Nationals.

These are simple changes. Just make them.

I’ve always wanted a Yankee-themed sports bar in the basement of my home. Although my current home has a basement, I don’t intend to live here for a long time. I’ll wait until I know I’m staying in a house for 10+ years before I construct a bar.

Here’s a link to a guy who built his own Yankee-themed bar in the basement of his house. He definitely gave me some ideas of what to do.

I especially like the memorabilia on the counters, the facade on the top, and all of the posters. I’ve been keeping every single Sports Illustrated issue that has a Yankee on the front from the last 12 years, plus all other magazines with Yankees on the cover (like the April issue of A-Rod in “Details.”) I also keep most of my ticket stubs, but not the print-out kind. I also have some souvenirs from the final season of the stadium, and whatever else I can get my hands on. All of these things will be going into my bar or my Yankees room  — yes-sir. I am thinking of painting a room navy blue and white and displaying my Yankee stuff in there.

Anyway…here’s the link to the bar!

It’s spring training at Steinbrenner Field. Yankees Manager Phil Hughes is standing at the top of the dugout steps watching his Yankees take the field against the Taipei Islanders in the sixth game of the spring training season. The Yankees are 4-1 thus far this spring, and leading the Islanders in the bottom of the fifth, 5-1.

Hughes has his eye on the Yanks’ prized prospect, Billy Whitetail. Whitetail reminds him about a certain “Phil Phranchise” 35 years ago. Although the Yankees’ last World Series victory came seven years ago, Hughes and his rotation mates Cole Hamels and Joba Chamberlain produced five World Series championships in twelve years. After Hughes retired, he stayed within the organization, becoming the 23rd Yankee to have his jersey number retired. Hughes was hired immediately as a minor league manager, and worked his way up to become the 43rd manager in Yankee history.

Derek Jeter, the Yankees’ erstwhile statesman at 68 years old, has taken the clubhouse lead first inspired by Yogi Berra. Jeter is joined by three other Yankee mainstays from the dynasty years of the early 21st century — Alex Rodriguez, Jorge Posada, and Mariano Rivera.

Posada can be seen in the bullpen, sitting in his navy blue windbreaker, wagging his finger at the young double A prospect eagerly consuming each word thrown at him. A-Rod is talking and laughing with the Yankees’ hitting coach, Prince Fielder, and bragging about his 2010 season, which was his last big season on his way to hitting 792 career home runs.

Rivera sits up and walks to Hughes and speaks in his ear. Hughes nods and says something back.

On the field, the Yankees’ star outfielder Chance Wright just hit a double between the gap, bringing back memories of the sweet hitting Paul O’Neil, but with younger legs and a more powerful arm.

Up in the owner’s suite, Harold Z. Steinbrenner, Jr., looks at his general manager and cheers at the offensive play just made by Wright. Steinbrenner beams at the success the Yankees have continued to produce since the team was purchased by CBS in 1973.

Hughes smiles and looks over to his pitching coach and motions for the bullpen to warm up. “We’re killing the Islanders out there,” he says.

Such is the life of the Yankee franchise 35 years from now. After it was announced today in the NY Post that Graig Nettles had his cancer surgery postponed so he could attend spring training, it has been an annual event for the Yankees to have such iconic and veteran players come to serve as guest instructors and to share stories of the game. In years past, we’ve seen Don Mattingly, Reggie Jackson, Yogi, Nettles, and others come every spring. In my story above, I had Jeter, A-Rod, Posada, and Rivera make an annual appearance. That is the wish I hope I can have granted, and provided someday after I retire, I’ll find myself in Tampa getting my picture taken with these iconic Yankees.

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