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Rob Neyer at published a list of the top 100 players in MLB during the first decade of the 21st century. It’s hard not to guess who’s #1, but it’s Albert Pujols. Close behind Pujols is Alex Rodriguez at #2. The Yankees have had 15 current or former Yankees who donned the Pinstripes. Here’s the list

#2 A-Rod

#4 Derek Jeter

#15 Jorge Posada

#16 Bobby Abreu (former Yankee)

#18 Randy Johnson (former Yankee)

#19 Jason Giambi (former Yankee)

#24 Mariano Rivera

#25 CC Sabathia

#32 Johnny Damon

#35 Mike Mussina

#41 Ivan Rodriguez (former Yankee)

#42 Roger Clemens (former Yankee)

#43 Mark Teixeira

#50 Andy Pettitte

To see the entire list of the top 100 players, click here.


According to several sources on Twitter and Jayson Stark on, the LA Angels are in serious talks with Hideki Matsui to become their DH, replacing Vlad Guerrero.

Also in news today, John Lackey has apparently agreed to a five year, $82.5 million contract with the Red Sox, and the Sox are also in talks with Mike Cameron.

Also, a three-way deal that would send Roy Halladay to Philadelphia and Cliff Lee to Seattle is “close” but “not done,” according to two sources familiar with the negotiations.

While I have the utmost respect for Matsui, the Yankees no longer needed him, especially when he expressed interest in being in the outfield more often. If the signing falls into place, I wish him best of luck.

I’m perfectly fine with the Halladay deal, that would keep him out of the AL East and the American League altogether. I’m more surprised at Boston’s activity today. After a ho-hum two weeks where the only two things they did was to sign Boof Bonser and trade for Max Ramirez, they got the top free agent pitcher to give them a formidable 1-2-3 punch, and are in talks for a quality center-fielder.

The Yankees need to step up on their activity for the outfield, and a DH bat, and perhaps an extra arm.

Rob Neyer put together a list of the 100 best baseball players of the decade, and quite a few Yankees are on this list.

  • Alex Rodriguez ranked as the second best player in the decade, behind only Albert Pujols.
  • Derek Jeter  came in at number four. Barry Bonds was between the two.
  • Jorge Posada comes in at number 15. He was the top ranked catcher on the list.
  • The Great Mariano Rivera checks in at number 24, the highest ranked reliever.
  • CC Sabathia was right behind him at number 25, and Johnny Damon not far off at number 32.
  • Mark Teixeira was named the 43rd best player of the decade despite not making his debut until 2003.
  • Reliable southpaw Andy Pettitte comes in right at the halfway mark, number 50.
  • Former Yanks: Abreu (16), Randy Johnson (18), Jason Giambi (19), Javy Vazquez (29), Gary Sheffield (34), Mike Mussina (35), Pudge Rodriguez (41), Roger Clemens (42).

That’s seven players on the Yanks 40-man roster that rank among the 50 best players of the last ten years. Including former players, 17 members of the decade’s 50 best players have worn pinstripes in that time.

I’m home sick with a cold, sinus, and congestion. So while I’m sitting in bed blowing my nose every five minutes, I’ve been reading blogs and people’s tweets on Twitter.  Here are some things for you all to read about this morning.

Top stories from last week:

Both ESPN’s Buster Olney and the NY Post’s George A. King III are reporting that sources have told them that after the Yankee Brass met Friday, they set two main goals: to re-sign Andy Pettitte and cut payroll below last season’s opening day payroll of $201 Million.

As King points out, the Yankees face a much different off-season then the one preceding last season.  The Yankees had a ton of holes to fill and had almost $100 Million coming off the payroll to fill those voids with.  This time around, virtually no money is coming off the payroll, and the Yankees only have three, much smaller, voids to fill – left field, designated hitter and a number 3 pitcher.

It is clear the Yankees can meet their needs while still cutting payroll.  A championship caliber team is created by talent, first and foremost, but that team wins only if they bond and have players that will step up for each other when the team needs it.

My point, is the Yankees don’t need to drop $15-20 Million/year on a guy like Jason Bay to win a second consecutive championship, or give up 3-4 prospects to rent Roy Halladay from the Blue Jays for one season.

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