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Now this is getting just plain fun. Apparently Derek Jeter didn’t hear what he though he did.  After almost getting thrown out Monday afternoon while arguing a bad call, umpire Marty Foster is now disputing Jeter’s account of the events.

Jeter told the media after the game that Foster told him that although he was not tagged while stealing third in the first inning, he did not actually have to be tagged to be out.  Essentially, Foster was saying that if the ball beats you to the bag, you are out – which by the way, is NOT in the MLB rule books.

In the nicest way possible, the crew chief of Monday’s game against the Blue Jays, John Hirschbeck, said that his umpire was wrong and that in the past, before television, umpires used to call players out if the ball reached the bag before they did, but after the advent  of television and instant replay for fans, the umpires apparently dropped that practice.  Probably because it was never in the rule books to begin with.

Now, Hirschbeck is speaking again for Foster and for the second straight day, Hirschbeck refused media access to Foster after Tuesday’s game at Citi Field between the Mets and Dodgers.  Hirschbck said Foster told him that he said to Jeter “The ball beat you and I had him tagging you.”

Now Hirsch (can I call him that?) attributes the misunderstanding to tempers flaring – but Jeter did not get all worked up until Foster said something to him – so I don’t really buy this count of events and I’ll explain why.

First, Derek Jeter does not get a temper.  He’s the most cool, calm and collected guy on the team.  Its a reason why he’s the captain.  He was not fired up until Foster said something to him.

Second, stadiums are loud, but I don’t think Derek Jeter is going to hear “The ball beat you and I had him tagging you” and turn it into “you don’t have to be tagged to be out.”

That’s all I need to say.  Its a two point argument.  Bottom line, Hirschbeck is doing his job, Foster sucks at his and got caught saying something dumb.


The Yankees low-key, non-confrontational Captain, Derek Jeter, got in an argument with an umpire for the first time in what feels like forever.  Umpire Marty Foster called Jeets out stealing third base in Monday afternoon’s game at the Stadium.

Replays showed that Jeter did get his hand on the bag before he was tagged, but Jeter said later that Foster told him he didn’t have to be tagged to be out.


Apparently, crew chief John Hirschbeck agreed with Jeter’s argument and called Jeter “the classiest person I’ve been around,” while telling reporters that Foster made the wrong call.

Joe Girardi argues with umpire Marty Foster in the first inning of Mondays Game. Girardi was ejected. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

“Getting a play right is one thing, but how you handle it is also important,” Hirschbeck said.  “Nowadays, with the cameras, ESPN and the reporters, I say the media, I actually mean television — it used to be if the ball beat you, you were out, but it isn’t that way anymore. It’s not a reason to call someone out. You have to make a good tag.”

Back it up, a minute.  Apparently you didn’t have to be tagged to be called out on a steal at one point?  When was this?  I don’t remember that being taught in Little League.  Not to mention, its just plain dumb not to have to be tagged.

Skipper Joe Girardi felt the same way.  “I don’t believe if the ball beats you, you’re automatically out,” Girardi said. “Jeter is not going to argue unless he’s safe. That’s the type of player Derek Jeter is. I wanted an explanation. I also don’t believe that perception is reality. I don’t believe that statement, either.”

Girardi continued the argument after Jeter was pulled away by 3B coach Rob Thomson and was ejected for the third time this season.

Apparently, the bad calls Monday afternoon extended beyond Foster.  The Yankees were upset that second base umpire Wally Bell seemingly missed two calls.  In the third inning, the team thought Bell called Aaron Hill safe when Jeter’s throw beat him to second.  That put two men on base for Alex Rios who promptly hit a three-run homer.  Then in the seventh inning, the Yankees thought Blue Jay’s shortstop Marco Scutaro was off the bag when Bell called new Yankee Eric Hinske out at second.

The blown call at second (if it was) in the third inning gave the Blue Jays another run and the blown call (it was) at third in the first with Jeter would have given the Yankees a man at third with no outs and Nick Swisher batting.  If just one of those calls went through the right way, the Yankees would have at least tied this game and perhaps have gone into extra innings, not lose 7-6.

It looks like the Yankees left their offense at home after that drubbing of Johan Santana.

In their last 7 games against rookie pitchers, the Yankees are now 1-6.

Taking out the Santana game against the Mets, the Yankees have now scored 20 runs in 7 games. Less than 3 runs per game almost exclusively against rookie pitchers. This clearly just does not cut it.

They wasted Wang’s first good performance of the year. Lots of ground ball outs, and lots of strikes. Through 5 innings, Wang threw just 62 pitches, 42 for strikes. The Braves had one good inning against him where they strung together some knee-high hits. Wang was followed up by Hughes who threw 2 perfect innings. Robertson came in and gave up a meaningless HR. The bullpen is finally pitching well and it’s all being wasted because the offense is playing like the “before” photo in a Playboy whiskey advertisement.

With the way they’re playing, the Yankees seem pretty content to make this season as tough on themselves as possible.

No one on the team is stepping up, especially in yesterday’s awful offensive performance. That’s just plain stupid.

3-28 with runners in scoring position.  That’s how the Yankees hit in the three-game series against Boston when it mattered.  That’s a .107 BA.  I usually don’t like bringing down guys just cause they had a bad day at the “office” but c’mon, my friggin’ 7 year-old niece could have hit better in the clutch.

I’m going to say something I have not heard from any of the beat writers, critics or other bloggers, and I am going to stand behind it: This lineup is not working.

First game, anyone would have lost.  Josh Beckett threw a one-hitter through 6 and handed his bullpen a 6-0 lead.  Plus, the way AJ Burnett pitched, any team would have lost.  We’ll give them that one.  The Yankees were 0-5 with runners on base that game and only got two in scoring position.  Chalk it up to a bad day.

Second game, the Yankees were 2-15 with runners in scoring position (RISP) – including Derek Jeter (formerly known as Captain Clutch) who was 0-3, Alex Rodriguez (formerly known as a guy who could actually hit) 0-2, Robinson Cano (formerly known as the Yankees best hitter in April) 0-4, and the list goes on.

Mark Teixeira was 4-5 in this game with a single, two doubles and a homer.  Jorge Posada was 2-5, Hideki Matsui was 2-3 and Nick Swisher was 1-2.  Yet with all those hits, those four managed only 3 RBI.

“What happened, Trevor,” you ask.  Simple.  Teixeira was hitting well, but no one in front of him was on base.  With two doubles and a homer, had one guy been on base just ONE of those times, the Yankees tie the game instead of losing.  Jeter and Johnny Damon had gone a combined 1-10 on the night.

Its not even Chien-Ming Wang’s fault because for the 500th time this season he demonstrated he can’t pitch anymore.  Phil Hughes kept the Yanks in the game through 3 innings of relief.  The lineup failed to win it.

Now, on to game three, where the Yankees were an astounding 1-11 with RISP.  Yep, you read that right.  1-11.  Tex followed up his great performance in game 2 with a beautiful 0-5 performance, leaving two RISP stranded.  Jeter was 2-5, but no one was on when he hit.  Matsui was 2-3 and Melky Cabrera was 2-4, yet neither guy had a RBI.  Why?

Cause A-Rod, Cano and Swisher were a combined 3-11.

Something is up.  This lineup is supposed to be a powerful one.  Yet not a single player has a .300 BA.  Teixeira is getting close.  He has been hitting over .300 as of late and leads the AL in homers.  But Damon, Jeter, Rodriguez, Posada and Cano are all hitting below their career averages.

So either the hitting coach needs to be replaced or the lineup should have been different.  In no way am I saying the Yankees should have freaked out.  But when you lose seven straight against one team, you need to try something different.  I think its clear that the Red Sox had figured out the Yankees.

My lineup would have been:

Cabrera CF, Damon LF, Cano 2B, Teixeira 1B, Matsui DH, Rodriguez 3B, Swisher RF, Cervelli C, Jeter SS

And you’ve got to trust that I didn’t know each player final performance before I picked this lineup…It was based on how they have played in the last week or so.  Plus, it would have worked.  Check the numbers.

If you didn’t already know, I am in sales.  Recently, my company upgraded to laptops for customer presentations and for the first 3 weeks, I did well with it and increased sales slightly.  But then, things got bad and I had the worst no-sale streak of my career, and the worst 4 week stretch of n0-sales in my career.

I decided something had to be changed.  After all, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  So I went back to doing my presentations with my binder, using the computer as a supplemental tool, not the only one.  And it worked, in the last 10 days, I have sold the most ever in my career for a 10-day period.

But the reason my lineup wouldn’t have worked would simply be because it never would happen.  Jeter might freak out if he is batting ninth.  And how can a guy making $30 Million/year bat sixth?  In my world, because they aren’t producing the way they should.  Period.

I’ve had a pretty busy but good day today – I’ve been working since 10am and just finished 10 minutes ago (8:30) and I was finally able to check the results of today’s game against the Rays – a 9-7 loss in the top of the ninth when the Rays scored 4 runs in the top of the ninth to break a 5-5 tie and take a 9-5 lead.

The Yankees managed to score 2 runs in the bottom of the ninth, but it wasn’t enough.

Now, the Rays are 3-0 at the stadium this year – the Red Sox have also won 3 games at the stadium this year.  So far against the elite of the AL, the Yankees are 2-12 – 0-6 against the sox and 2-6 against the Rays.

The Yankees have done a great job against the elite of the AL Central and West Divisions – shoot they took 4 of 6 against the Rangers this season, swept the Twins and took two of three from both the Angels and the Tigers.

Despite all this, what counts are the Yankees records against their division rivals, the Rays and Red Sox.  The Yankees have the pleasure of facing each team 18 times this season, 36 total or 22% of the total games they play this season.  Through a third of those games – 12 – the Yankees are 2-12, or a .166 winning percentage.

Chances are the Wild Card team will come from the AL East – its the most stacked division talent-wise and in my mind has four of the top 10 teams in the AL in it.  That means if the Yankees are to make it to the postseason, they are most likely going to face one of those teams in the AL Championship.

Joe Girardi is a great manager – but he needs to figure out how to get this team to make it happen when it counts.  And it counts when you face Tampa Bay or Boston.

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