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Oh my gosh!

Brian McNamee sues Roger Clemens. Stop the presses! Call Congress! Call President-elect Obama!

The world ends!

Calm down.

Roger Clemen’s former trainer sued him for defamation. Like we didn’t know it was going to happen. After Clemens sued him last spring, it took McNamee until this month to respond with his own lawsuit. I think this was a smart move by McNamee because more and more evidence is coming up against Clemens, especially with the reports that McNamee had to cooperate with federal authorities.

In the end, I see Clemens having to settle out of court with McNamee and probably confessing, and probably being arrested for perjury in Congress.

Aha… happy holidays!


Assistant US Attorney Matthew Parrella said in a court filing that Brian McNamee only spoke out about Roger Clemens because he was threatened with prosecution.

This is central to Clemens’ defamation lawsuit against McNamee.  Clemens says that McNamee only named him in order to protect himself from prosecution and/or an investigation by Sen. George Mitchell.  McNamee’s lawyers are not disputing this fact, but are arguing that because he was “coerced” by threat of prosecution, he is “immune from any defamation.”

However, Clemens is also arguing that because McNamee also spoke with Andy Pettitte and a reporter, that counts as defamation.  Why won’t Roger just let this go?  Isn’t it obvious the man used ‘roids?  It can’t be defamation if its true…

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