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According to multiple media outlets on the Internet and Twitter, the first of which I saw from Tyler Kepner, Johnny Damon has signed an one-year $8 million contract, pending a physical.

Damon had little choice but to accept this offer after the White Sox took their offer off the table and there were basically no suitors left.

Rob Abruzzese at BBD has more.

Via Jon Heyman, Brian Cashman offered a one-year, $6M contract to Johnny Damon last week, however he never received a response. The deal would have included a $3M salary in 2010 with another $3M deferred without interest, and came with the promise that Hal Steinbrenner was going to sign off on it. Cashman simply never heard back from Damon and his camp, so they moved on to Randy Winn.

Heyman is a pretty solid writer who has good sources, so I’m willing to bet that either Damon thinks he’s going to get a better deal elsewhere or he has a stupid agent. This is looking more and more like Bobby Abreu last year.

For awhile there, I still thought Johnny Damon could end up with the Yankees.  Now, it does not look like that is even remotely possible.

Like another Scott Boras client did in 2008-09 off-season, I think Damon (and Boras) have overestimated the market for Damon and how much $$ he would be offered.  I’ll tell you one thing – he isn’t going to get the $13 Million yearly on a multi-year deal that he was hoping for.  ESPN’s Andrew Marchand has already reported that there is zero chance Damon returns.  He says the Yankees have already spent the money they had planned for Damon initially.

Several Yankee officials have said they planned to cut payroll and with payroll already approaching $205 Million compared to last season’s $211 Million, there is not much room to keep payroll below last year’s numbers.

It’s sad to see Damon go – I thought he was a great Yankee, but like Boras did with Alex Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez, it seems he has overestimated the market for one of his star players and ends up costing them millions waiting for “better deals.”

I wonder if this means Boras’ days as a super-agent maybe coming to an end.  Other baseball players must be noticing this trend.

Nick Johnson is now back with the team he grew up with.  Drafted and developed by the Yankees, OF/1B/DH Nick Johnson is all set to be back in pinstripes for the 2010 season after signing a 1 year deal worth about $5.5 Million with some incentives.  The deal also includes a mutual option for 2011.

Johnson spent the first three years of his career with the Yankees but was traded to the Montreal Expos (now the Washington Nationals) after the 2003 season for Javier Vasquez.  He has spent much of his career on the DL, but managed to stay off of it for most of the 2009 season. As a result of that, he had one of the highest on-base percentages in the bigs last season at .426 and his career-high BA of .291.

Johnson played first base for the Yankees from 2001-2003, alternating time there with Jason Giambi.  His $5.5 Million salary is the exact same amount he has earned for the last 3 seasons.

Many are saying that this indicates the Yankees are moving on from Johnny Damon.  Rumors are that Damon’s people reportedly told the Yankees not even bother making an offer unless it was in the $13 Million/year range.  The Yankees had reportedly been planning to offer a two-year deal in the $18 Million range.

I still don’t believe this means the Yankees are done adding position players or that Damon is definitely not coming back.  We all thought the Yankees were done last December before they surprised us in the days before Christmas by adding free agent slugger/awesome first baseman Mark Teixeira.

I do feel happy about this move.  Johnson was a solid guy for the Bombers earlier in his career and it’s good to see him back in the Bronx once again.

(photo by Sipkin/NY Daily News)

The newest Yankee was introduced in a press conference today.

Said the new outfielder –

One thing I’ve learned over my world travels, being in China, being in Africa, being in Europe, Latin America, when you mention Major League Baseball… the Yankees are the first team that comes up… To get a chance to be a part of that now… I’m excited about that.

As previously discussed, Joba Chamberlain will have any innings limitations removed next year. Hopefully that will make him more effective since he won’t need to worry about pitch counts.

Phil Hughes’ limits will remain, but he’ll probably be allowed to go about 180 innings.

The Yankees are comfortable with Frankie Cervelli as the backup catcher. Good to hear, since he’s cheap, plays as well as Jose Molina, runs thrice as fast, and allows for Jesus Montero to continue developing.

Dr. Marc Philippon told A-Rod his hip is fine, and he will not need surgery this off-season.

Nick Johnson is close to agreeing with the Yankees on a contract, but has yet to take a physical. $5.5 million for one year. Does that mean Damon’s done as a Yankee?

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