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This is a first — a non-baseball post. But something I think is worth discussing.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last week or so, the whole world knows about Michael Phelps and his bong smoking picture at a University of South Carolina party. What he does on his own time is none of my business. My problem is, he got away with it.

Sure, the USA Swimming association just suspended him for three months and Kellogg’s won’t renew their contract with him. That’s not the case.

You’re talking about the most decorated Olympian in history, and Phelps was caught doing something frehsman-ish. He was caught drunk driving back in 2004. I know very well about this because it happened in the state where I live now, and it happened 2-hours away from where I live. He got away with community service and apologized for his “actions.”

Now he’s done it again, this time it’s more serious. Phelps is one of the 12 athletes who had pledged to “My Victory,” a program that promises for clean athletes. Now, he isn’t so clean anymore.

My beef with all of this? He didn’t get the punishment he deserves. Look — I’m going to say this again, I don’t care what he does behind closed doors with no cameras, but the fact is –he got caught, and he should serve the consquences. 3 months suspension isn’t enough to send a strong message to athletes — and the kids who look up to them that doing drugs is bad.

I’d have given Phelps a 1-year suspension.


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