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According to a report in the Daily News, a grand jury will probably start deliberating today whether the Rocket lied to investigators and on the stand during testimony last February.

Inside the article, samples of evidence such as bloody gauze, used needles and syringes, testimony from Brian McNamee and Kirk Radomski.

Why I’m bringing this up, even though the Rocket isn’t with the Yankees anymore? Andy Pettitte.

He may be called upon to testify, and while grand juries are closed to the public, it is probably obvious that Pettitte will say some damaging things about Clemens. The Yankees stood by Pettitte last year when his name was revealed in the Mitchell Report and when he admitted HGH use to recover from injuries quicker. While he is officially not part of the Yankees at this point, Pettitte could have used their marketability and financial clout to get help on the legal front. The Yankees would have treated him like family.

I had a friend who had a friend whose sister was dating Miguel Cairo and that friend bumped into Miguel Cairo one night with his sister and they got into talking and Cairo opened up about the Yankees and shared that the Yankees treat their players like royalty. The Yankees make sure the players have transportation, and even provide it, give them excellent food before and after games, and in essence, serve as bellhops for players. Of course the more expensive players get more, but someone like Cairo got limousines, tickets for family, good food, good hotel suites. That’s what Pettitte is missing here, the Yankee treatment.


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