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I’m home sick with a cold, sinus, and congestion. So while I’m sitting in bed blowing my nose every five minutes, I’ve been reading blogs and people’s tweets on Twitter.  Here are some things for you all to read about this morning.

Top stories from last week:

Advertisements is reporting some disappointing news: That a deal between the Yankees and Brewers to swap outfielders Melky Cabrera and Mike Cameron is possible by the end of the day Friday.  Apparently the financial hurdles we reported on yesterday have been cleared easily – So easily that Brewers GM Doug Melvin and Yanks GM Brian Cashman hammered it out while Cashman was going through the security checkpoint at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas.

Talks began about six weeks ago and continued this week at the Winter Meetings.  The sticking point as early as yesterday was the Yankees not wanting to pay all of Cameron’s $10 Million salary next season.  Apparently the Brewers have agreed to pay a portion of the salary since Melvin told its “not a problem now.” is reporting that there is also the possibility that the deal might include other players.

I don’t think I am the only one saying to the Yankees: Don’t do it.  Don’t do it.

The Daily News reported Tuesday that the Yankees plan to make a multi-year offer to free agent pitcher Ben Sheets by the end of the Winter Meetings in Vegas this week.  The News is quoting an unnamed source as saying that the team will make an offer in the 2 year, $26 Million range.  Sheets, who was a teammate of CC Sabathia in Milwaukee last season, made $11 Million and went 13-9 with 3.09 ERA.  Sheets also declined arbitration this weekend, which Milwaukee had offered almost two weeks ago.  As a result of that, whatever team signs him has to give up a 2009 first round draft pick to the Brewers.

An offer might in fact be imminent.  Skipper Joe Girardi said he was impressed after Monday’s meeting with Sheets.  “I thought that was a good meeting,” Girardi said. “Obviously, I faced Ben Sheets when I was with the Cubs and have admired the work that he’s done over the years. It was good to talk to him about his health, his routines, what he likes to do. He was a very open young man and he was impressive.”

The Yankees also feel that Sheets is worth a lot.  Girardi feels that if Sheets had not torn a muscle in his right elbow at the end of last season, he might be commanding more offers at more money.  “His numbers stack up against anyone’s,” Girardi said. “He’s healthy now, we believe. He’s had some injuries, but injuries are what have kept him out of that class. When he’s on the mound, he’s dynamite.”

Sheets has career stats similar to AJ Burnett, but has spent less time on the DL in his career.  If this is true and Sheets accepts the offer, I would take it to mean that the Yankees are not interested in either Burnett or Derek Lowe.

No Trade Talk on Cano Yet

The News is also reporting that although media reports say the Dodgers are interested in second baseman Robinson Cano, GM Ned Colletti said he has not spoken with Brian Cashman about a trade.  Good.  Cano needs to stay put.  He is a great teammate and has a great work ethic.  He is needed in the clubhouse.

ESPN is reporting that the Yankees might possibly want to make a counter-offer to the Atlanta Braves offer to AJ Burnett last week.  Burnett was offered a 4 year, $60 Million contract with a buyout and/or option year that brings the total value of the contract to $75 Million.  The Yankees want to meet with Burnett’s agent during the Winter Meetings this week.  We’ll see what happens and if the Yankees do make a counter-offer.

Jon Heyman is reporting the Yankees might be willing to give Burnett 4 years/$64 Million.

Joel Sherman is reporting that the Yankees met with the Brewer’s other top free-agent pitcher, Ben Sheets, on Monday at the MLB Winter Meetings.  Sheets had a breakout year this season, posting a career-high for wins and earned the right to start the All-Star game for the National League.

Interesting News:  Sheets is represented by the same agent that Derek Jeter has, Casey Close.

See an earlier post on this blog about Sheets’ stats in comparison to AJ Burnett.

Update: 6:15 a.m. According to Mark Feinsand, the Yankees are ready to make a 2 (maybe 3) year offer worth $30 million.

Now that’s something I feel comfortable with instead of a potential 5 year offer to AJ Burnett.

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