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The rumor started spreading Tuesday amongst the Yankee bloggers – Peter Abraham, one of our best sources for information was leaving his spot at the Journal News – a suburban newspaper dedicated mostly to Westchester and Rockland Counties just above NYC.

It was officially confirmed this morning on Abraham’s blog.  He has accepted a beat writer position covering, unfortunately, the Boston Red Sox for the Boston Globe.  Abraham is originally from Massachusetts and presumably this move allows him to be closer to family.  We can also only assume it is a higher paying job – going from a suburban newspaper to a much larger metro newspaper would most likely mean a pay increase.

A part of me is sad to lose PeteAbe as a writer.  I don’t think I ever picked up a copy of the Journal News to read his writing, but I’ve read his story on the website and his blog is one of the best maintained in the business.  His last day with the Journal News will be September 29.

I assume that someone like Sam Borden will continue the blog at Lohud Yankees and we will have the opportunity to get in-depth Red Sox news through Peter Abraham.

Good Luck, Pete!


Its a warm, clear day here and we should get the game off tonight with no problem, although there is a 50% of a passing thunderstorm, according to  The Yankees head into tonight’s game with a 6 game win-streak and a 9 game win streak against Seattle in the Bronx.  The Yankee Lineup:

Jeter SS
Damon LF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez DH
Posada C
Cano 2B
Swisher RF
Cabrera CF
Ransom 3B

I’m assuming that by putting A-Rod in the DH spot this is a way to give him a day off.  You might remember that the Yankees had announced plans last week to have A-Rod take one day off a week to rest his injured hip.  In weeks where the team had a scheduled day off, A-Rod would still get another day off.  That plan was quickly scuttled for a plan which considered a scheduled day off plenty for Rodriguez.  I’m guessing this is a way to get the best of both worlds. 

Robinson Cano and his .213 BA with runners in scoring position has been moved from the #5 spot to the #6 spot in the lineup.  Although is hitting .300 this season, Peter Abraham tells us he has not had an RBI since June 17.  Ouch. 

Finally, I leave you with one great thing to ponder (courtesy of the great Peter Abraham): Since skipper Joe Girardi got ejected from a game last Wednesday, the Yankees have scored 45 runs over their last 49 innings.  In the previous 67 innings, the Yankees had scored 18 runs.

I always love it when I read Pete Abe’s quotes. Here’s one…

Pete was blogging about how a dog named Jeter saved two people in a blaze (but the dog died). Jeter’s a hero.

Then Pete says this next:

Meanwhile, a dog named A-Rod bit his owner and ran away.


The Yankees take a well-earned and probably needed day off Thursday before traveling to Cleveland for a four-game series at the Jake.  I don’t expect much news wise today, but I got interested in getting updates on Melky Cabrera, Brian Bruney and Jorge Posada, so I will include those below.

First, my thoughts on the game last night.  Chris has a great recap of the game last night in the post below this one.  I turned the game off right after the fifth inning ended and missed the fun of the sixth and seventh innings (5 Yankee runs).  Isn’t it great when that happens?

AJ Burnett seemed to turn the bus around yesterday with his six inning, three hit, four walk, 7 strikeout performance.  Before last night he was winless in his last seven starts.  He took the win last night, his first since April 14, but what I like the most about this situation and Burnett in general, is his attitude.  He was still not fully satisfied with his start, after all, it took him 118 pitches to get through the 6 innings.

“It’s a start,” Burnett said to the Journal News’ Peter Abraham. “Mechanically, I felt better than I have in a long time.”

Jorge Posada is expected to return to the team Friday night in Cleveland, although it is unclear whether he will play catcher or not.  It is also unclear what the Yankees will do with the other two catchers on the roster, Kevin Cash and Francisco Cervelli.  Cervelli has been hot behind the plate, doing very well for a player who was called up from Double-A Trenton.  Cervelli’s .300 BA is much better then Kevin Cash’s .231 and as a result, Cervelli has more starts behind the plate.

Melky Cabrera is expected to miss at least the next 5-7 days, although the Yankees are waiting for Cabrera to meet with team doctor Chris Ahmad before making a decision on what to do with the outfielder.  Keep your fingers crossed that Cabrera can return quickly – he has the highest batting average on the team.

If Dr. Ahmad thinks Cabrera needs to miss more then a week, the Yankees will most likely put him on the DL and call up an outfielder from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre and send either Cash or utility infielder Angel Berroa back down.

Finally Bruney.  Mr Bruney should miss the next 2-3 weeks after not fully disclosing the extent of his injury and agravating his elbow even more.  SIGH.  You have to admire the man’s heart and desire to be out on the field but you can’t be stupid and rush back just to re-injure yourself.  Bruney, you’re too good for that.

Fortunately, Bruney’s injury doesn’t seem to be all that bad and should be back with the team Friday.  It is unclear whether he will pitch or not.

Finally, CC Sabathia, a former Cleveland Indian and friend of Cleveland Cavalier Lebron James, will be attending the Cavaliers-Orlando Magic game tonight at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland along with several other Yankee players and staffers.  According to the Daily News, Sabathia phoned Lebron and told him he will most likely wear an Orlando hat – a jab at Lebron for wearing a Yankees cap to the 2007 divisional playoff match-up between the Yankees and Indians.

The Comedian of all Yankee Bloggers — albeit a beat writer — the incomparable Peter Abraham said this on his blog this morning…

They’re started dismantling the old Yankee Stadium, stripping out the grass and now they’re taking down the outfield walls. This part of the wall had very little wear and tear as Bobby Abreu rarely touched it.

Ha-ha-ha. I needed that laugh this morning. That is an instant classic. The day Abraham goes to ESPN, I will mourn.

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