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And the world stops spinning.

Unless you were hidden somewhere on a remote Caribbean island yesterday, you had to hear that Mark McGwire, Big Mac himself, admitted what we all knew already. He uses shampoo and conditioner.

No wait, I’m wrong, he actually admitted he used PEDs. Performance enhancing drugs. Remember  that word, folks.

In a confession released to the AP and later in the day in an hour-long live interview with Bob Costas, McGwire admitted using PEDs periodically during the 1990s, including during the 1998 home run chase between him and Sosa. Now we can officially say the home run chase in 1998 was 100% synthetically manufactured. The real home run owner is still Roger Maris*.

Before I head to work, here’s a link, a clip of the interview with McGwire, and ESPN’s Jayson Stark’s thoughts on the interview…


There’s a whole lot to share with y’all.

  • A great Yankee blogger, Todd Drew, died just past midnight yesterday. He was a regular on Alex Belth’s blog. I never knew him but from what I’ve read about him, he was quite cool. He was only 41, so that’s even more touching.
  • Kevin Long, the Yankees’ hitting coach, who I don’t have a lot of confidence in, has been very busy this offseason. He visited A-Rod, Cano, and Posada and reports all three ready for monster 2009 seasons. I sure hope so.
  • Now more on the Clemens steroids saga. Kirk Radomski was in D.C. yesterday (thank God I didn’t see him). He testified against the Rocket.  Clemens’ former trainer, Brian McNamee expects to see Clemens in a uniform this year — an orange jumpsuit, that is.
  • No more halted postseason games. They must be played to full completion, so vote the owners yesterday.
  • Youk has agreed to a 4-year contract for $40 million with the Red Sox. I have to admit, I like his fiery attitude and his team-first philosophy. He is a good player playing for a team I love to hate.

Have a good day, y’all!

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